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Pulitzer Center Update July 5, 2018

This Week in Education: Global Explorers [Media Literacy Workshop]

Image by Emily Kassie. Turkey, 2016.

From smugglers in Agadez, to factory owners in Turkey, to the Italian and Nigerian mafias in Italy...

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Students explore how to seek out under-reported global stories and make local connections to them in this workshop.

Featured Lesson Plan:

Global Explorers [Media Literacy Workshop]

How do we get our news? What stories do we see and which do we miss? How do we build a balanced news diet that includes reliable sources covering the world’s pressing, under-reported global stories?

Students explore such questions in this 90-minute workshop that guides them in analyzing how global issues connect to their local communities and identifying practical ways to bring more diverse news outlets and topics into their news routine.

Working with students this summer? Planning toward the start of the next school year? Email the Pulitzer Center education team to schedule a workshop with us or to get support in facilitating your own.

Professional Development opportunity for educators via the Institute for Middle East Studies.

Featured Opportunity:

Teaching Conflict: A Pedagogy Workshop

Join the Institute for Middle East Studies at the George Washington University for a one-day professional development workshop in Washington, DC, in which teachers will learn specific teaching strategies to engage contentious subjects in the classroom through inquiry-based learning activities led by pedagogy experts.

Also consider applying for a travel grant to the IMES "Intergrating Middle East Studies in the Curriculum" workshop to be held in Des Moines, Iowa August 13 - August 14. Application deadline: Friday, July 13.

NYC Lab School students practice their slow journalism skills during the 2018 Out of Lab project. Image courtesy of Lab School. Image by Sam Maslow. New York City, 2018.

Featured Blog:

New York City high school students wandered the boroughs practicing slow journalism as part of the Out of Lab Project.

Eight-year-old Wang Jie jumps for the washing line in the courtyard of his family’s farmhouse in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Image by Max Duncan. China, 2016.

Three children in a remote corner of China are among millions getting by while their parents work...

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As Paul Salopek journeys around the world on foot, he will follow the migration pathways of our...


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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees
Three women grouped together: an elderly woman smiling, a transwoman with her arms folded, and a woman holding her headscarf with a baby strapped to her back.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality
teal halftone illustration of two children, one holding up a teddy bear


Children and Youth

Children and Youth