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Pulitzer Center Update November 22, 2016

This Week: Bringing Home Hope from Cuba


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The US and Cuba are poised at the alter, prenuptials in hand. But as headlines forecast the fruits...

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Zuby Malik in front of health facility La Paradera in Havana where she began treatment with the lung cancer vaccine CimaVax this summer. Image by Nauman Malik. Cuba, 2016.

Cuba's Hope for a Cancer Breakthrough
Sally Jacobs

The gradual normalization of relations with Cuba has given new hope to some lung cancer patients in the United States. Grantee Sally Jacobs reports that Cuba's biotechnology industry has developed a vaccine called Cimavax that shows promise—but that is years away from FDA approval in the United States. Americans who can't afford to wait are traveling to Cuba for initial treatment even though this remains a technical violation of the law. "Talk about Cimavax on cancer patient networks online has been escalating steadily as relations between the two countries have warmed," Sally writes, "and more patients are making preparations to go."

Ending AIDS in South Africa
Amy Maxmen

Grantee Amy Maxmen looks at how some innovative South African activists are attempting to overcome the social and psychological challenges to HIV/AIDS prevention.

Climate Backfire
Eli Kintisch

Greenland thought there might be an upside to global warming—perhaps a longer growing season for Arctic regions. But as grantee Eli Kintish reports, Greenlandic farmers are discovering that warming temperatures often bring drought.





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Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees