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Pulitzer Center Update January 15, 2010

Tonight on ABC's 20/20: "The Forgotten Children of Haiti"


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Child slaves make up about 10 percent of the youth population in Haiti. Driven out of economic...

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Tonight, ABC's 20/20 will air the Pulitzer Center supported reporting project by journalists Dane Liu and Carmen Russell on child slavery in Haiti.

Watch as featured on 20/20.

Child slaves in Haiti, also known as restaveks, are sent away by families too poor to raise them in order to live with and work for other families. There are approximately 300,000 child indentured servants in Haiti, making up 10 percent of the child population.

Please tune in tonight at 10:00 pm to watch Liu and Russell's video report. As featured in the Pulitzer Gateway Women, Children and Crisis:

In crisis areas, it is often women and children who suffer most. Stories of the particular misery faced by women and children are often overlooked - resulting in far-reaching human, social and economic consequences.


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