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Pulitzer Center Update October 5, 2021

Third-Quarter Highlights

Quarterly Report
Image by Rodrigo Abd.


Pulitzer Center Reporting and Outreach, from Afghanistan to COVID

The news this quarter was dominated by Afghanistan, a resurgent COVID-19, and the extreme-weather consequences of climate change. Pulitzer Center grantees and partners were very much involved in all.

Two of our journalists were in Afghanistan as U.S. forces withdrew, completing the most recent of 29 projects that we have sponsored in that country over the past 15 years. Our climate reporting and outreach ranged from Louisiana to Alaska, and from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Malaysia. An extraordinary collaboration led by OjoPúblico used Indigenous art to show the pandemic’s devastating impact on the upper Amazon.

We’ll be taking this work, and much more, to our networks of schools, community colleges, and universities. More on that soon. Meantime, see the highlights of a challenging, productive summer.


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