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Pulitzer Center Update February 25, 2010

Support the Pulitzer Center through Kachingle

Pulitzer Center staff

At the Pulitzer Center, our mission is to support and produce quality international coverage of systemic issues underreported in the US media. Continued funding is critical to this work. We rely on core support from members of the Pulitzer family and private foundations. We believe it is equally important to receive support from individuals like you to build a diverse base of individuals seeking quality journalism on these important issues of our time.

Direct contributions to support our international reporting projects and educational initiatives are always welcome by the Pulitzer Center, a 501 (c) (3) public charity. Any level assists with our work.

And there's another way for you to contribute - just by coming to our website and reading our work online. Kachingle is an innovative social micropayment service that enables readers to easily make ongoing, voluntary micropayments to the Pulitzer Center and other media sites.

Kachingle requires virtually no effort on your part to set up and maintain - you just become a Kachingler, giving $5 a month through PayPal, and then click once on the Kachingle medallion on our homepage. No credit cards, no passwords, no separate accounts for every site you visit. Kachingle will keep track of your monthly visits to each of the sites you've selected, and at the end of the month, your monthly pay-in to Kachingle will be distributed proportionally among those sites.

Once you become a Kachingler, you can share the sites you support with colleagues, friends and family (and soon Twitter followers and others), and get them turned on to the sites you visit.

We hope you become a Kachingler and help support the Pulitzer Center and other sites that produce time- and resource-intensive journalism, such as the Center for Investigative Reporting and soon the Center for Public Integrity. You can sign up as a Kachingler by "mousing" over the Kachingle Medallion on our site and clicking on "Join Kachingle".

By working together and supporting independent coverage of underreported issues we can make sure quality journalism thrives.