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Pulitzer Center Update November 8, 2012

Submit Your Photos of Tobacco Ads in China's Schools


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Child smoking with ice cream cone. Image by Chase Tingley via Flickr. Xi'an, China, 2004.

The Pulitzer Center is looking for photos of tobacco advertising in Chinese schools as part of a special series on cancer in the developing world, produced in collaboration with PRI's program The World. Your photo may be featured on the Pulitzer Center or The World's website.

Please send images to [email protected].

It is estimated that about one million people in China die each year from tobacco-related illness, a number that may triple without more significant interventions to reduce the population's smoking habit. Meanwhile, China's state-run tobacco industry funds a number of schools in China, covering walls with advertisements and dispensing cigarette-shaped candy.

Smoking-related illness and deaths are expected to cost China trillions of dollars over the next decade in lost productivity, health costs and more. Despite that, smoking is actually on the rise. (For more about the tobacco industry and smoking in China, see this 2011 BusinessWeek article.)

Photos should show tobacco advertisements in schools or young smokers. They should be originals, taken by you, not photos from the internet, magazines, or other third-party sources. Remember to include where and when the photo was taken.

Please help us share this call for photos by distributing it on social networks in China.


普利策中心(The Pulitzer Center)正在征集中国校园内关于烟草广告与宣传的图片。作为普利策中心与BBC世界服务(BBC World Service Program)合作项目"世界(The World)" 的重要部分,您的图片将可能成为关于发展中国家的癌症研究特别系列,出现在普利策中心以及世界项目的网站上。

请发送您的照片至邮箱 [email protected].


尽管在未来十年内,吸烟引起的疾病与死亡可能在经济与健康方面为中国带来数以万亿的损失,吸烟人群仍在不断壮大 。(若想进一步了解中国烟草行业与吸烟人群,请参考 2011 BusinessWeek 相关文献。




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