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Pulitzer Center Update January 28, 2013

Storify: David Rochkind and Jens Erik Gould in the Field


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The Garifuna have historically been forgotten in Honduras and currently face one of the highest HIV...

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Grantee David Rochkind sets up a shot in Sambo Creek, Honduras. Image by Jens Erik Gould, via Twitter. Honduras, 2013. Follow Jens on Twitter @jenserik1.

Journalists in the field: David Rochkind and Jens Erik Gould on HIV and the Garifuna of Honduras

Follow Pulitzer Center grantees David Rochkind and Jens Gould in the field in Honduras, working on a story on the Garifuna, who are an Afro-Caribbean people with their own language, music and culture. They also struggle with the highest HIV rate in the western hemisphere.

Storified by Pulitzer Center· Fri, Jan 25 2013 10:30:35

@Pulitzercenter @jenserik1 Things are going well in Honduras. It is a moving story, and we're looking forward to sharing in the process.David Rochkind
This Storify is updated regularly as David Rochkind and Jens Erik Gould build their reporting project. Scroll all the way down to see the whole trip. You can also follow them on the Pulitzer Center's In the Field Tumblr and on Twitter (@drochkind and @jenserik1). And of course, we're @pulitzercenter.

Map: David and Jens are traveling along the Caribbean coast of Honduras:

Lesbia faced discrimination from her family when she told them she was #hiv positive. #garifuna #pulitzercen Rochkind
Update: Their first Untold Stories is here:
HIV Awareness in Honduras' Garifuna Community | Pulitzer Center21 hours ago ... Members of a support group people who are HIV-positive, as well as their friends and family members, meet on January 1...

January 25, 2013:

@PulitzerGateway @drochkind #garifuna #hiv headed back to Corozal for more reporting today.Jens Erik
Health check up of an anonymous #HIV patient at the #health clinic in Sambo Creek. #pulitzercenter #garifuna Rochkind

January 21-24, 2013: Sambo Creek, Honduras

Spending time garifunas who are HIV positive in beach town Sambo Creek today @Pulitzercenter @drochkindJens Erik
Here's where the town of Sambo Creek is:
Check out some photographs by the journalists from their time with the Garifuna in Sambo Creek:
A family spends time together in Sambo Creek. #pulitzercenter Rochkind
The village of sambo creek @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
What does a small town look like when the power goes out? #garifuna #pulitzercenter Rochkind
The cemetery in Sambo Creek, a #garifuna community in #honduras that is struggling with high #hiv rates. #pulitzercenterdrochkind
soccer on the beach in sambo creek. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
A cross in Sambo Creek. We were told that every #garifuna community in #honduras has one somewhere in town.# Rochkind
A New Testament in Sambo creek. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
A couch turned on its side an makeshift cupboard in a Garifuna home. @Pulitzercenter Erik
Poster in garifuna village of Ex president Manuel Zelaya who was seized in the 2009 coup. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
Jens captures David setting up a shot:
David Rochkind at work in sambo creek. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
The journalists take a whack at some tambores, or drums:
Animal skins for drum making. Tambores are an important element of Garifuna culture @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
Look at the size of that drum to be! Visiting a tambor factory in sambo creek @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
Jens and David attend a fish fry:
Frying fish by the ocean in Sambo creek @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
The catch of the day fried in lard at a garifuna home in Sambo Creek. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik

January 22, 2013

Jens and David spend time in El Triunfo de la Cruz with an HIV support group:
El Triunfo de la Cruz Map | Honduras Google Satellite MapsWelcome to the El Triunfo de la Cruz google satellite map! This place is situated in Tela, Atlantida, Honduras, its geographical coordi...
A support group for people with HIV and their friends and family in Triunfo de La Cruz, a Garifuna community in #Honduras. This is one of the most active #HIV support groups in the region. #pulitzercenterdrochkind
A view of La Ceiba, #Honduras. Rochkind
Since the Garifuna have their own language, Jens was really happy to find an easily-accessible dictionary!
phenomenal! i found an online garifuna dictionary! @Pulitzercenter @drochkindJens Erik
Tidaniadibunanigui. Means "I have you in my heart" in #garifuna @PulitzercenterJens Erik
Garifuna woman Carmen sells these hand-sown hair ties to pay for her HIV medicine. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
David and Jens are interested in how the Garifuna use their culture to educate community members about HIV. So far David and Jens have been in the studio with famous Garifuna musicians and seen dance performances that spread awareness about the disease.
A dance group performs at a function to promote HIV prevention in Tornabe, Honduras. @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
Jens and David are also speaking to local experts:
heading to interview the health ministry's regional director about the garifuna this morning @Pulitzercenter @drochkindJens Erik
had a good interview with a woman who visits HIV patients in La Ceiba, Honduras today @PulitzercenterJens Erik

January 20, 2013

Juliana Ramirez lives out in the open with #HIV, facing stigma and setting an example for others. "Forgotten: HIV & The Garifuna" in #Honduras with #pulitzercenter.drochkind

January 21, 2013: Music, Culture and HIV

Jens and David spent 13 hours in the studio with musician Aurelio Martinez today.
On the ground in Honduras for our @Pulitzercenter project! Spent 13 hours in the studio with garifuna musician Aurelio Martinez today.Jens Erik
The tracks and behind-the-scenes video are coming soon, but for now you can hear Aurelio's music below. You can also check out The Guardian's review of his latest album.
check out Aurelio Martinez at @PulitzercenterJens Erik
Aurelio Martinez - Yalifu (Live)stonetreerecords
Aurelio Martinez: Laru Beya - reviewWhen the remarkable album Watina was released, nearly four years ago, it launched the tragically brief international career of Andy Palac...
Jens captured Garifuna percussionist Rolando "Chichiman" Sosa making music:
Legendary garifuna percussionist Rolando "Chichiman" Sosa plays maracas in the studio @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
it's official...the tracks for "Sandile" with Aurelio Martinez are all laid the mix! @Pulitzercenter @drochkindJens Erik
Last night's recording session with Aurelio Martinez and Rolando Chichiman Sosa @Pulitzercenter @drochkind Erik
Jens is actually a musician as well as a journalist. You can listen to his music here:
Downstairs, by Jens ErikDownstairs by Jens Erik, released 23 February 2012

January 10, 2013: Travel

Sometimes journalism involves a lot of waiting in airports:
Will have a night at the MIA airport due to a delayed flight and missed connection to Honduras. Thanks #americanairlines. Tomorrow is wastedDavid Rochkind
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