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Pulitzer Center Update July 16, 2018

Shaina Shealy Takes Over Pulitzer Center Instagram

Media file: screen_shot_2018-07-16_at_12.36.30_pm.png
Daw Min, 55, says she can’t sleep when she looks at her Facebook news feed at night because of all the posts about abused women. Just last night, she tells me, she saw a picture of bloody, beaten women unconscious on the ground. When she woke up, she went straight to the market to show other women the picture and warn them to be careful. Image courtesy of Shaina Shealy. Myanmar, 2018.

As Myanmar lowers its firewall and opens up internet access, the country is experiencing a new online culture. Journalist Shaina Shealy is taking over the Pulitzer Center's Instagram account this week with photos from her reporting on how Myanmar's women are using Facebook and other social media platforms and how their newfound online access affects free speech and public safety in the country. Follow her recent reporting trip on the Pulitzer Center Instagram feed.