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Pulitzer Center Update November 22, 2008

See Global Issues/Citizen Voices Round 5 winners! Round 6 now open!


Thanks to all who have participated in Round 7 of our Global Issues/Citizen Voices writing contest. Your thoughts have further engaged readers on pressing international issues. Stay tuned for our next round of essay titles to write on!

The Pulitzer Center has partnered with Helium to get your voice heard on the most pressing issues of the day. Each of the essay questions in our contest rounds addresses an issue raised by Pulitzer Center-supported reporting projects around the globe. Each contest round, the Helium community votes 10 essays to the top and then the Pulitzer Center selects a winner from each category. Winners receive a Global Issues/Citizen Voices Award certificate and have their essays and profiles published on the Pulitzer Center's website.

Round Seven winners:

Pakistan: Muhammad Fahd Waseem and James Thornton

Join the ongoing discussion about Pakistan at

Past Global Issues/Citizen Voices winners

Continue to write to all of the Pulitzer Center's past essay topics at

Round Six winner:

India: Anitra Lahiri

Round Five winners:

Sri Lanka: Sarah Harrison

Georgia: Joe Horvath

Iraq: Shaheen Darr

Round Four winners:

Caucasus: Matthew J. Geiger

Ecuador: Don K. Potochny

Iran: David Chapronière

US: Foreign Policy: Brian Bolin

Round Three:

Afghanistan and Bolivia: Eric Lannak

Democratic Republic of Congo: Julia Bodeeb White

East Africa: Don K. Potochny (pen name Keith Bailey)

Jamaica: Glynnis Hayward

Round Two:

Burma: Danny Hosein

Sudan: Robin Finesmith

Lebanon: Russell Smith

Peru: Adam Simpson

Round One:

Afghanistan: Steve Hutcheson

Peru: Stephanie Whybrow

Caribbean: Petra Newman

Liberia: Rachel Hanlon

Alaska: Caroline Harmon

China: Daniel Figueroa

Zimbabwe/Rwanda/Mozambique: Loyce Kareri

Somalia: David Chapronière

Ethiopia: Kallie Szczepanski

India: Ravi Embar

Venezuela: Deborah Bauers

Vietnam: Debra Triplett

Congo: Sara Turner

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the articles published on the websites of Helium and of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting are those of the authors alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of the Pulitzer Center or its staff.