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Pulitzer Center Update February 15, 2009

Ryan Libre workshops and events in California

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The Himalayan foothills of northern Myanmar form the ancestral homeland of the Kachins, an ethnic...

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Become a photographer for peace

From Chico Peace and Justice Center:

March 6-7, 2009

This workshop primarily focused on the art of photography and addressed the technical issues of photography. It emphasized getting it right "in camera" as opposed to post-processing, but both were covered.

Another goal of this workshops is to teach what you need to know to effectively continue teaching yourself.

Half of the proceeds go directly to Documentary Arts Asia.

Instructor: Ryan Libre is a Freelance Photographer with over 7 years experince in Asia. Ryan has published 12 books in addition to many magazine and newspaper feature stories. Ryan has held major solo exhibits in some of the best photo galleries in Japan and has done a photo-journalist project sponsored by the Pulitzer Center.

Focus on the Farmer photo safari

From Wheeled Migration:

Event Narrative

On March 14th Wheeled Migration is hosting a very special event.

Our Focus on the Farmers photo safari is a "guided" exploration of perspective.
Featuring international photojournalist Ryan Libre, this seven hour tour will visit local farming projects (and everywhere between) to learn a unique approach to photo composition.

We will gently ride among the almond blossoms between presentations at the Farmers Market, the Grub Co-Op, California Organic Flowers, Maisie Janes, and Pyramid Farms.

The Wheeled Migration team of mechanics and interpreters will be along to keep you in the ride- so you can enjoy yourself all day.

After a gentle ride along the Sacramento River we will arrive at a picturesque picnic setting amid the fields of Pyramid Farms. Here we will share in a group potluck, remember to bring something delicious (homemade??) and you're certain to be popular.

It's our treat of elegance, whimsy, and community- making this far more than just a bike ride.

And! And!!! To honor your creativity, Wheeled Migration will be hosting a gallery of photographs taken by our riders during the tour. Keep posted for details of this event...
It's our cherry on top for everyone who would like to ride.

The route kicks off at 9am in the downtown plaza and heads over the Farmers Market after introductions and a brief teaching from Ryan.

...Oh, but you don't have a camera? Come for the memories!
This event is offered by donation and open to any type of bike.

..And who is Ryan Libre?
Ryan Libre is a freelance photographer & founder of the NGO Documentary Arts Asia. Ryan was raised and educated in Chico but has spent the last 8 years in Asia. Ryan has taken photos for 12 books in addition to several magazine and newspaper feature stories. Ryan has held solo exhibits in some of the finest photo galleries in Japan and recently completed a photo-journalism project for the Kachin Independence Army sponsored by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. He is the curator and principal photographer of the Idioimagers website, and a wonderful writer.