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Pulitzer Center Update June 8, 2022

Pulitzer Center-Supported Series on Syracuse Police Wins Broadcasting Award

Police force

A six-part series on how Syracuse police are trying to address the challenges of an evolving city.

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The New York State Broadcasters Association (NYSBA) recognized WCNY’s SPD: Reckoning & Reform as an Excellence In Broadcasting Award winner.

The Pulitzer Center-supported, six-part series was named Outstanding Public Affairs Program or Series in the Medium Market Television category. Pulitzer Center grantees Mitch Gelman, Richard Esposito, Eric Jackson, Mylz Blake, Chad Petterson, and Jim Olech collaborated on the project.

SPD: Reckoning & Reform explores the history and challenges of the Syracuse Police Department as a new chief attempts to reform SPD. WCNY investigates the divide between Syracuse communities and the officers who are supposed to protect them. The reporting centers around what officers and activists are doing to make their city safer and more holistic, inclusive, and compassionate. SPD: Reckoning & Reform is streaming now on WCNY-TV. It originally aired in October 2021.

Since 1967, the NYSBA has bestowed Excellence in Broadcasting awards for “outstanding work throughout the state of New York to keep viewers informed, encourage conversation and promote local businesses.” There are 119 recipients for projects that aired between March 1, 2021, and March 1, 2022.

Since its formation in 1955, the NYSBA has advocated for member networks in New York state so they may better serve their communities. Upon learning about the award he will share of his colleagues on May 26, grantee Mitch Gelman had this to say about support from the Pulitzer Center:

"This series, which took three years to complete and included unprecedented access to the Syracuse Police Department during a time of tense police-community relations in the United States was catalyzed by the support from the Pulitzer Center. The Center provided financial assistance for the producers on the project and its leadership was patient during research, reporting and editing, allowing for WCNY to take the time needed to tell a complete story. WCNY is grateful for this partnership on this project with the Pulitzer Center and recognized that it could not have completed this scope of work without the encouragement and support of the Center."

The NYSBA will celebrate the honorees at its "Serving New York" Luncheons in September.


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