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Pulitzer Center Update August 14, 2019

Pulitzer Center Named Education Partner for The New York Times Magazine’s ‘The 1619 Project’

Artwork by Adam Pendleton in The 1619 Project, page 15. 2019.

The Pulitzer Center is proud to partner with The New York Times Magazine on The 1619 Project to...

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"The 1619 Project" from The New York Times Magazine

The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the education partner for “The 1619 Project,” The New York Times Magazine’s exploration of the legacy of black Americans starting with the arrival of the first enslaved Africans in 1619. As part of this partnership, the Center’s education team will produce original curricular materials for teachers and bring project contributors, including author Nikole Hannah-Jones, to schools and universities across the country. 

“The 1619 Project” is driven by the fact that 400 years ago this summer, on August 20, 1619, a ship carrying more than  20 enslaved Africans arrived in Point Comfort, a coastal port in the British colony of Virginia. Though the United States had yet to be established, their arrival marked its foundation, the beginning of the system of slavery on which the country was built. “1619” is a special New York Times Magazine project observing this anniversary by examining the many ways the legacy of slavery continues to shape and define life in the United States.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work with The New York Times on this landmark initiative,” said Jon Sawyer, executive director of the Pulitzer Center. “The education network we have built over the past 13 years is premised on the belief that journalism can be the engine for public education and civil discourse. It is hard to imagine a topic more resonant, or more important, than ‘The 1619 Project.’”

August 13 Launch of 'The 1619 Project' at TimesCenter

For more on this event, please visit this page.

Educational Resources and Curricula

The Pulitzer Center’s education team has created free, original curricula for teachers from over 30 visual and written pieces from historians, journalists, playwrights, poets, authors, and artists inside the “The 1619 Project” issue of The New York Times Magazine

Here you will find resources to bring “The 1619 Project” into your classroom, including a reading guide which offers reflection questions to support students’ engagement with “The 1619 Project,” an index of terms and historical events referenced in the issue, a lesson plan exploring Hannah-Jones’ essay, “The Idea of America,” activities drawing from concepts, photographs and illustrations in the issue to engage students in creative ways, and more.

Hannah-Jones and other contributors to the "1619" issue will visit Pulitzer Center partner schools in the coming months. A schedule of public speaking appearances by Hannah-Jones and other “1619” contributors will appear on the Center’s events page when available.

Please visit and bookmark the permanent home for all of the Pulitzer Center’s educational materials:

Media Coverage

This page will be updated with media coverage about “The 1619 Project” and the Pulitzer Center’s accompanying curricula.

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