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Pulitzer Center Update April 28, 2008

Pulitzer Center invited to Producers Institute


The Bay Area Video Coalition, a non-proft media training institute, has selected the Pulitzer Center to take part in its annual Producers Institute for New Media Technologies, from May 29-June 8.

The Institute involves a ten-day residency at the BAVC facility in San Francisco, where eight teams of non-commercial media producers will learn how to create film, video and audio content through a variety of formats, including video game and cell phone applications.

The Institute will also provide mentors and consultants who specialize in the needs of the participants' project. By the end of the residency, each project team will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to industry leaders and foundations.

Pulitzer Center Associate Director Nathalie Applewhite will join multimedia producers Daniel Grossman and Dan McCarey in California to participate in the program.