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Pulitzer Center Update July 31, 2015

Pulitzer Center Education: The World in Your Classroom

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"The Pulitzer Center is an education organization," explains the Center's education director, Mark Schulte, at the beginning of this short video. The Pulitzer Center supports journalists by giving them travel grants and helping them place their work in mainstream media outlets, but at the core of our mission is education: we provide quality, compelling educational resources and a space for dialogue on the global issues that affect us all.

Perhaps nowhere is this dialogue more crucial than with young people. The Pulitzer Center's education team works to connect our hundreds of grantees and their multimedia journalism projects with traditional and nontraditional students, teachers and classrooms all over the world.

Whether it's through an in-class visit from a journalist or two, a video chat across oceans, our rich and thoughtfully created curricular resources, or a deep workshop-style dive into an issue through a student-produced media project, Mark and I have seen firsthand, time and again, the meaningful impact a "global lens" can have on students. And we think it's pretty cool.

This fall we are particularly excited about our Lesson Builder, a brand-new, free tool we've designed especially for teachers. Use the search bar to find and collect Pulitzer Center journalism resources of any media type on a given topic, country or region, then write a lesson summary and some questions for your students to answer and share it all easily with a customized URL link. Check it out here:

You can learn more about our work by watching the video above, made by our colleagues Steve Sapienza and Evey Wilson. Then get in touch at [email protected]. We'd love to help you globalize your classroom!

Our best,
Amanda Ottaway and Mark Schulte
Pulitzer Center education team