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Pulitzer Center Update November 24, 2020

Pulitzer Center Announces Rainforest Investigations Network

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The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce the launch of the Rainforest Investigations Network (RIN), a major new initiative that seeks to harness investigative reporting and cross-border collaboration to tackle stories at the intersection of climate change, corruption, and governance in the world's three main tropical rainforest regions: Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. 

"The Rainforest Investigations Network will be an unprecedented opportunity to lay the foundations for a much deeper and more mature narrative on the problems rainforest regions are facing, as well as the solutions that will guarantee their future," said Gustavo Faleiros, environment investigations editor of the Rainforest Investigations Network. 

The Pulitzer Center is recruiting three experienced investigative journalists in each of the rainforest regions and one journalist based at a major global media outlet for year-long RIN investigative fellowships. The fellows will work on individual and collaborative reporting projects to systematically probe the drivers of deforestation across the three regions, from money flows to land-grabbing activities and human rights violations. 

"This is one of the most ambitious initiatives we have ever undertaken," said Jon Sawyer, Pulitzer Center executive director. "It's an opportunity for journalists and news organizations throughout the world to work collaboratively on exposing and addressing the root causes of the deforestation and forest degradation that threatens the climate future of us all."

The Rainforest Investigations Network is a sister initiative of the Pulitzer Center's Rainforest Journalism Fund. It is funded with the support of the Norwegian International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI). The NICFI grant includes an explicit guarantee as to full editorial independence for the Pulitzer Center as well as for the fellows and news organizations taking part.

For more information, please see the official call for applications on the Pulitzer Center website. 

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Rainforest Investigations Network

Rainforest Investigations Network


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