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Pulitzer Center Update March 29, 2023

Pulitzer Center Announces 2023 Persephone Miel Fellow


2023 Persephone Miel Fellow Meral Jamal. Image courtesy of Jamal.

The Pulitzer Center is pleased to announce the selection of our 2023 Persephone Miel Fellow.

Meral Jamal is a journalist based in Nunavut, Canada’s vast Arctic territory. Originally from the United Arab Emirates, she is a reporter for the Nunatsiaq News in Iqaluit, the Nunavut capital. She writes news and feature stories for Inuit communities across Inuit Nunangat.


“I'm very grateful for both this Fellowship and the opportunity to live in Nunavut and learn from Inuit on a daily basis as an immigrant here,” Meral Jamal said. “It is both an honor and a privilege to do journalism that shares the relationship between climate change, community, and reconciliation.”


Jamal is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa, and a recipient of the 2022 Nordic-Canadian Fellowship in Environmental Journalism, the 2021 Ottawa Climate Storyteller Fellowship, and the 2021 OCUFA Fellowship in Higher Education Journalism.

During her Miel Fellowship, Jamal will examine the impact of changing snow conditions in the High Arctic on the lives of local inhabitants, and how Indigenous Inuit knowledge can bolster scientific research. Her project will also look at how changes to the Arctic climate never truly stay in the Arctic, and what these changes will mean for people across Canada and around the world.

The annual Fellowship is named in honor of Persephone Miel.

The Persephone Miel Fellowship, overseen by the Pulitzer Center and launched in partnership with Internews, benefits journalists from outside the U.S. and Western Europe whose work is not routinely disseminated in mainstream media globally.

A $5,000 grant and mentorship from a Pulitzer Center editor support Fellows in pursuing ambitious reporting projects. The Center works with Fellowship recipients to distribute their work across international media outlets to reach the widest possible audience.

The annual Fellowship is named in honor of Persephone Miel, the former senior adviser of Internews, a nonprofit supporting international media. She dedicated her life to advancing the work of journalists across the globe. Miel died of cancer in 2010.

To learn more about the Fellowship and past Fellows, click here.


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