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Pulitzer Center Update May 7, 2018

Photojournalist Taylor Weidman Takes Over Pulitzer Center Instagram

Omirserik Ibragimov, 25, uses a net to ice fish on the frozen surface of the North Aral Sea near Tastubek, Kazakhstan. Image by Taylor Weidman. Kazakhstan, 2017.

For the fishing villages around the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan, fortunes ebb and flow with the water's...

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Ice fishing can be cold, yet lucrative, work. Image Taylor Weidman. Kazakhstan, 2017.

This week on the Pulitzer Center Instagram account, we will be featuring photojournalist Taylor Weidman's recent reporting on the Aral Sea with Dene-Hern Chen in Kazakhstan.

The Aral Sea used to be the fourth-largest freshwater lake in the world. Its river sources were diverted for agriculture purposes by the Soviet Union, and as a result, fish stocks plummeted and left the surrounding villages jobless. A 2005 World Bank-financed dam project increased both surface area and water levels in parts of the Aral Sea. The North Aral Sea has seen a resurgence of fish—a boon to the communities that rely on it. 

Follow Taylor Weidman's takeover on Pulitzer Center's Instagram account.


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