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Pulitzer Center Update February 20, 2012

Photographs of Post-Quake Haiti: Andre Lambertson at The University of Virginia


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The people of Port-au-Prince will forever measure their lives in two parts: before and after the...

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Jeanne, 17, has been working on a beading project at KOFAVIV. The Haitian grassroots organization founded by and for rape survivors, is paying women and girls $7 a day to make necklaces that will be sold in the U.S. Image by Andre Lambertson. Haiti, 2011.

As images of devastation and wreckage dominated newsstands after the 2010 earthquake, photographer Andre Lambertson set out to document an alternative and rarely seen aspect of Haiti's post-quake experience. Over the course of twelve trips to the country, Lambertson captured the strength, resilience and love of the Haitian people, giving voice to stories that would have otherwise remained unknown.

In February, Lambertson brought his photography to his alma mater, the University of Virginia, and was featured in an article in The Cavalier Daily, the independent student newspaper of the university. Grace Hollis, associate editor of the newspaper, wrote of Lambertson's understanding of photography as a medium for telling stories of transformation and hope, and the importance of bringing his presentation to the University of Virginia community.

Read the full article at The Cavalier Daily.

Lambertson's photographs were also featured in Voices of Haiti, a multimedia performance recently presented to audiences in Port-au-Prince and Miami.



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