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Pulitzer Center Update June 11, 2018

Photographer Louie Palu Takes Over Pulitzer Center Instagram Account

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Louie Palu explores the U.S.-Mexico border where violence runs rampant: What does it look like? How...

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A man holding a U.S. passport coming from Mexico with his bike lines up at port of entry into the United States under the watchful eye of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and a dog used to sniff out illegal narcotics in Laredo, Texas. Image by © Louie Palu/ZUMA. United States, 2012.

Photographer Louie Palu is taking over Pulitzer Center's Instagram account this week. He will be posting photos from his previous reporting from Afghanistan and from his Pulitzer Center-supported project "Drawing the Line: The U.S.- Mexico Border." For this project, Palu traveled from California to Texas on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border to document local lives, the economy, and security challenges they face. 

Palu is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. His work focuses on social-political issues such as human rights, conflict, and poverty.

Follow Palu's Instagram take over here. 


Drug Crises


Drug Crises

Drug Crises