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Pulitzer Center Update May 25, 2012

PDN Features Richard Mosse, Pulitzer Center Collaboration

Nowhere to Run

Richard Mosse is known for challenging convention on the photojournalist's role. His book Infra...

Image by Richard Mosse.
Image by Richard Mosse. Congo, 2011.

In 2011 the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting co-published Richard Mosse's book "Infra" with the Aperture Foundation. A departure from a more traditional approach to documenting the crisis in the Congo, Mosse photographed the visual evidence of conflict using Kodak Aerochome, an expired, infra-red military surveillance film. The resulting images, printed larger than life and shown as fine art, are bubble gum pink.

A recent article in Photo District News highlighted our partnership with Richard and the opportunity it afforded us to bring broader engagement to a little-understood conflict. Richard's photographs are as complex as the conflict they seek to explain, and it was this novel approach that drew us to his work. As he explains, our collaboration "has actually affected public awareness of Congo's war in its own way, giving vivid color to this forgotten conflict."

We are committed to finding new ways to reach and challenge audiences around under-reported international issues. Our collaboration with Richard Mosse and Aperture was a unique way to do just that.

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