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Pulitzer Center Update April 20, 2016

News Bites and Lesson of the Week: Underrepresented Voices in Syria


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James Harkin reports from Syria, in an exploration of human and cultural loss.

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A young boy walks with a bicycle past Syrian army soldiers in the city of Harasta, 9 km north of Damascus. Photo courtesy of Freedom House flickr. Syria, 2012.

Dear Educators,

News Bite 9, "Exploring Underrepresented Voices in Syria"

The United Nations is set to begin facilitating Syrian peace talks this week.

This week's lessons invite students to explore underrepresented voices from Syria through reporting by three Pulitzer Center grantees.

Lesson of the Week 9, "Syria's Children"

Our featured Lesson of the Week is "Syria's Children", which features reporting by nine journalist-grantees.

A review on what this weekly email is all about:

Ninety percent of you have told us that you regularly use current events in your classroom. So we feature a small "News Bite," a short lesson or activity that uses Pulitzer Center journalism content—an article, photograph, podcast or short film—that relates to something in the news that week. We hope these News Bites will be an easy way for you to access fresh, topical content. We also include an in-depth "Lesson of the Week," written either by a Pulitzer Center staff member, curriculum developer or a member of our Educators' Community, on any subject.

Interested in creating your own resources and lessons using the latest international reporting?

With the Pulitzer Center Lesson Builder, you can quickly search through articles, videos, photos and multimedia from among our hundreds of reporting projects and create lesson outlines/classroom resources. You can also adapt already-prepared model lessons like the ones above.

As always, we're eager for your suggestions. Let us know what you think.

Very best,
Mark, Fareed and Amanda

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