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Pulitzer Center Update July 30, 2013

Marvin Kalb Discusses "The Road to War" at Politics and Prose

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Marvin Kalb, resident senior adviser at the Pulitzer Center, has covered U.S. foreign policy for...

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A screenshot of Politics and Prose's video of Marvin Kalb's talk.

Senior advisor Marvin Kalb spoke at Politics and Prose on July 7, 2013 about his new book, "The Road to War: Presidential Commitments Honored and Betrayed."

An excerpt from the book description: "Not since Pearl Harbor has an American president gone to Congress to request a declaration of war. Nevertheless, since then, one president after another, from Truman to Obama, has ordered American troops into wars all over the world. From Korea to Vietnam, Panama to Grenada, Lebanon to Bosnia, Afghanistan to Iraq --why have presidents sidestepped declarations of war? Marvin Kalb, former chief diplomatic correspondent for CBS and NBC News, explores this key question in his thirteenth book about the presidency and U.S. foreign policy." Purchase a copy here.


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