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Pulitzer Center Update December 9, 2011

Jina Moore Wins Elizabeth Neuffer Gold Medal Award

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Burundi, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau and the Central Africa Republic were the targets of a UN...

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Image by Martine Perret, ONUB Photo.

Jina Moore, part of the reproductive-health reporting team, has just won the 2011 <a href="">Elizabeth Neuffer Memorial Prize</a> gold medal, for best reporting on the United Nations. The award honors her project on UN peacebuilding activities, a Pulitzer Center-sponsored initiative that took her to four countries across Africa. The work was made possible by a grant to the Pulitzer Center from the Stanley Foundation and it was featured in the <em>Christian Science Monitor</em>; the Center helped organize nearly a dozen events at which Jina has spoken about her project. The collaborative approach to covering underreported issues is at the heart of our model. The Neuffer prize is a tribute to Jina's great work.<br>
Elizabeth Neuffer was an award-winning journalist for <em>The Boston Globe</em> who died in a car accident while reporting in Iraq in 2003. <br>


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