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Pulitzer Center Update December 9, 2007

Iraq: Death of a Nation? DC, 12/9

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"Iraq: Death of a Nation" examines how the U.S. invasion and occupation created a multi-faceted...

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David Enders and Rick Rowley spent a month and a half this summer criss-crossing Iraq, embedded with the different militias that now control the country. They will be screening video from the refugee camps on the outskirts of Baghdad, Central Iraq with America's new Sunni militia allies, Basra with the embattled Governor and his Islamic Virtue Party militia, Najaf with the US-allied Badr militia, and Sadr City with the Mahdi Army.

Their abundant print articles, video documentaries, radio broadcasts and weblogs opened a window into the lives of Iraqi civilians and American servicemen. They explored a range of issues from U.S. military policy to the efforts of an Iraqi artist to keep open one of the few remaining art galleries in Baghdad. They tell of the lack of basic services in Baghdad and of an unstable security situation. In a documentary broadcast in September on Al Jazeera English and on NPR's Democracy Now, they investigate U.S. policy in Anbar province where former Sunni insurgents are now fighting Al Qaeda alongside U.S. troops and look at whether the arming of the insurgents is fueling the sectarian civil war in Iraq.

Sunday, December 9, 2007, 7:00 PM

Busboys and Poets
2021 14th Street NW
Washington , DC 20009

Event fee:
$5 per person

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