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Pulitzer Center Update April 8, 2010

Iraq: David Enders and Rick Rowley's Al-Anbar video featured on NPR's Democracy Now! today


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"Iraq: Death of a Nation" examines how the U.S. invasion and occupation created a multi-faceted...

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Pulitzer Center Staff

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!, a daily NPR radio and TV news program, interviewed Rick Rowley on his view of Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus' report. David Enders and Rick Rowley's investigative video of Al-Anbar was also featured on the program.

An excerpt from the interview:

RICK ROWLEY: Well, when General Petraeus says that they're merely applauding these tribes from the sidelines, he's lying. I mean, while we were embedded with the Americans, we saw American military commanders hand wads of cash to tribal militias. And when he says that they are facilitating their integration into the country's security forces, what he means is they're pressuring Iraq's government to incorporate these militias wholesale into the police forces...


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Democracy and Authoritarianism

Democracy and Authoritarianism