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Pulitzer Center Update March 25, 2008

Global Issues/Citizen Voices Round 3 Winners


Thanks to all who have participated in our third round Global Issues/Citizen Voices writing contest. Your thoughts have stimulated some great discussion — enter round four to continue the engagement of these international issues!

Round three winners:

Afghanistan and Bolivia: Eric Lannak

Democratic Republic of Congo: Julia Bodeeb White

East Africa: Don K. Potochny (pen name Keith Bailey)

Jamaica: Glynnis Hayward

Past Global Issues/Citizen Voices winners

Round Two:

The Pulitzer Center has selected the following winners. Click on the links below to read their winning essays:

Burma: Danny Hosein

Sudan: Robin Finesmith

Lebanon: Russell Smith

Peru: Adam Simpson

Round One Contest Recap:

The Pulitzer Center partnered with Helium to get your voice heard on the most pressing issues of the day. We asked for your thoughts on questions raised by Pulitzer Center-supported reporting projects around the globe – and with almost 700 essays entered during Round 1, you rose to the challenge. Read about the 13 winners at font color="#800000">News Points.

The Pulitzer Center has selected 13 winners. Click on the links below to read their winning essays:

Afghanistan: Steve Hutcheson

Peru: Stephanie Whybrow

Caribbean: Petra Newman

Liberia: Rachel Hanlon

Alaska: Caroline Harmon

China: Daniel Figueroa

Zimbabwe/Rwanda/Mozambique: Loyce Kareri

Somalia: David Chapronière

Ethiopia: Kallie Szczepanski

India: Ravi Embar

Venezuela: Deborah Bauers

Vietnam: Debra Triplett

Congo: Sara Turner