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Pulitzer Center Update September 26, 2012

#EdenWalk: Submit Your Questions for Journalist Paul Salopek

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As Paul Salopek journeys around the world on foot, he will follow the migration pathways of our...

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Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Salopek will be embarking on a walk around the world in January 2013. And you can go too through #EdenWalk!

Paul's "Out of Eden" project starts in the birthplace of humanity - the rift valley in Africa. Paul will then follow our species' migration throughout the world, from Africa through the Middle East, across Asia and the Bering Strait through the Americas, to end, finally, in Patagonia. If you think about it, humanity has spent most of its existence on the move. And we still are constantly moving today - in search of work, away from conflict and wars, and in response to global warming.

In a rapidly changing world, #EdenWalk is the ultimate lens through which to examine contemporary global issues. Paul will be reporting throughout his seven year walk, uncovering untold stories. And you can go with him by keeping an eye on #EdenWalk on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and checking back on the site.

You can catch him before he departs though! In mid-October, Paul will answer questions by video.

Submit your questions by commenting below, or by tweeting with the hashtag #EdenWalk by October 8 at noon. We'll post his answers to our YouTube channel.

More about Paul Salopek: Paul was born in California, USA, and raised in Mexico. As a foreign correspondent, he has worked in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Latin America. His stories have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, National Geographic, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, The American Scholar, Conservation Magazine, The Best American Travel Writing series and many other publications. He has appeared as a commentator on the PBS NewsHour, NPR's Fresh Air, and other national news programs.

Paul's walk is supported by the Pulitzer Center and the National Geographic Society. The Pulitzer Center will launch an educational portal with materials and opportunities for students and teachers to interact with Paul as he journeys around the world. Before departing, Paul will spend two weeks visiting with students in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, St. Louis and Chicago.