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Pulitzer Center Update January 12, 2010

David Rochkind's Work Shortlisted for Human Rights Award



Once a sleepy agricultural town, the entire economy of Altar, Sonora is, at this point, based on...

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It is a great honor to present the winners of anthropographia Awards 2010. Anthropographia's aim is to create new spaces for photojournalism; new spaces that encourage the promotion of human rights, expose social injustice and underline the multiple realities of our current world.

The quality of the chosen photojournalism essays, selected by a prestigious jury, testifies to the undeniable strength that the still image has on human consciousness. The jury, which includes members who are recognized for their exceptional photojournalistic work, their commitment to contemporary photojournalism and their dedication to human rights advocacy, made a very accurate job by carefully reviewing the submission.

We received a large number of essays and the selection of the nominees was a challenging process for the jury, as we sadly had to turn down many outstanding ones. The jury shortlisted 24 photography essays as well as 10 multimedia pieces which will be displayed on large scale exhibitions internationally. This collection of works is a perfect example of the power to communicate and inform in a very effective way about human rights issues via photography and multimedia.

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