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Pulitzer Center Update November 8, 2016

Dan Grossman's E-book: Deep Water

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Planet Earths average temperature has risen about one degree Fahrenheit in the last fifty years. By...

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Global warming is defrosting the massive ice caps at Earth's poles at an increasingly alarming rate. Water once safely anchored in glacial ice is now surging into the sea. The flow could become a deluge. Millions of people living near coastlines are in danger, and inundation could impact every nation on earth.

Scientists don't yet know how fast this polar ice will melt, or how high our seas could rise. In an effort to find out, a team of renowned and quirky geologists take a 4,000-mile road trip across Western Australia.

In Deep Water, veteran environmental journalist, radio producer and documentary filmmaker Daniel Grossman explores new and fascinating science of sea-level rise. His investigation turns up both startling evidence that humans are upsetting a delicate natural equilibrium. If knocked off balance, it could hastily melt the planet's ice and send sea levels soaring.

Dan Grossman is an award-winning science journalist, regular contributor to public radio, and the recipient of multiple Pulitzer Center grants. He has reported on science and the global effects of climate change for over a decade, from Mongolia and the Andes to Europe and Australia. His new e-book, Deep Water, is a partnership with TED books and makes innovative use of their app to bring us a multimedia adventure about one of the most critical issues of our time.

Available from ITUNES, AMAZON and NOOK.


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Environment and Climate Change
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