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Pulitzer Center Update November 4, 2022

Center-supported Ukraine Reporting Named Finalist for Top Journalism Award

Ukraine refugees flee to Hungary

The Pulitzer Center is partnering with "PBS NewsHour" to bring viewers the kind of reporting...

Pulitzer Center-supported coverage of the war in Ukraine and reporting on the U.S. departure from Afghanistan are finalists for the 2023 duPont-Columbia Awards, which honor "the best in broadcast, documentary and on-line reporting," according to the awards' website.

Russia Invades Ukraine and Fleeing Ukraine, Holocaust Survivors Find an Unlikely Home document displacement, diaspora, and disruption that followed the Kremlin’s invasion on February 24, 2022.

Ukraine reporting by PBS NewsHour journalists went “beyond the daily headlines” to uncover “far-reaching consequences for liberal democracies around the world” in a sustained depth made possible by a partnership with the Pulitzer Center.

Judges for the duPont-Columbia Awards applauded NewsHour’s “empathy and context” and its “team of courageous reporters and producers fanned out across Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Russia itself to report on the huge impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

In addition, grantee Jane Ferguson’s "in-depth and courageous coverage tracked the fate of Afghanistan in the months leading up to the American troop withdrawal and the immediate impact as the Taliban regained control."

Since 1942, the duPont-Columbia Awards have honored “journalistic excellence,” according to the awards’ website

The 2023 awards, selected for the “strength of their reporting, storytelling and impact in the public interest,” will be presented and celebrated at Columbia University’s Law Library early next year.


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