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Pulitzer Center Update July 3, 2008

Associate Director Nathalie Applewhite presents to Georgetown University's High School Journalism program


On July 2nd, Pulitzer Center Associate Director Nathalie Applewhite presented to a group of high school students attending Georgetown University's intensive journalism workshop offered through their summer school program.

Nathalie talked about the challenges of international reporting in today's media market, focusing on the difficulties of getting under-reported and mis-reported global stories to an American audience. She discussed how the Pulitzer Center is addressing these challenges through cross-platform distribution and by focusing on the universal stories that will resonate with the public, no matter how distant the crisis.

The week-long Journalism Workshop gives students the opportunity to advance their skills in print, photo, and broadcast journalism, as well as in blogs and other digital media. Students learn the fundamentals of journalism and how to succeed in a fast-paced, 24-hour news cycle from experienced instructors and prominent national journalists. Past workshops have taken students to Congressional hearings, Pentagon briefings, and the First Lady's office in the East Wing of the White House. Students see and learn how to capture the attention of the president or a member of Congress, get questions answered during a press conference, and develop sources within government agencies. Back on campus, they craft compelling stories and work with journalism trailblazers in a media lab to perfect and showcase their work.

Final papers will be published soon on the program's blog (coming soon).