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Pulitzer Center Update January 20, 2023

389 Journalists, 275 Projects, World-Changing Impact: Our 2022


Image by Enayat Asadi/NPR. Iran, 2022.

Explore the Pulitzer Center's 2022 Annual Report

Stories that truly make a difference, from revealing forced-labor practices in the Dominican Republic to documenting the misuse of artificial intelligence by university administrators to track student protesters.

Collaborative initiatives that make things happen, from teacher fellowships grappling with racial injustice to cross-platform, cross-border exposés of corporate, government, and consumer complicity in the destruction of rainforests across the globe.

Opportunities that transform lives, from university reporting fellowships and global convenings to a play taking audiences inside the horror of solitary confinement during a 10-city tour.

Connections with those who know, from Russian journalists working in exile and an Argentine photojournalist documenting life with hyper-inflation to Navajo journalists reporting on ballot access in Arizona.

All this and more in our summary of Pulitzer Center highlights for 2022. As the year closed, we also launched Pulitzer Center Impact, which tracks the effect of the work we do—and the power of journalism to create positive, real-world change.

As one reader said, the Pulitzer Center is “building bridges of empathy, affinity, and understanding—especially between people who may believe they are vastly different.”

In our reporting, in the classrooms we visit, in the relationships we build, we see again and again that the differences among us are small when set against the challenges we face and the dreams we share. Thank you all for the privilege of doing this work together.


The education blog Cult of Pedagogy featured the Pulitzer Center's 1619 Portal as one of the top 6 Ed Tech Tools for educators to try in 2023. A Cult of Pedagogy team member Lucia Hassell said she uses the resource in her classroom “to think about how we can challenge ourselves and our students to think about where we are right now and where it all started.”

The Pulitzer Center has sponsored cohorts of educators from across the United States over the past two years to develop a collection of the materials that make the most from The 1619 Project’s resources.


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