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Pulitzer Center Update December 9, 2022

2022: A Year in Stories ✨


Photo captions:

Image by Sabiha Çimen/Magnum Photos for TIME. United States, 2022.

Image by Victor Moriyama. Brazil, 2021.

Image by Avener Prado. Brazil, 2022.

Celebrate a Year of Pulitzer Center-Supported Stories With Us

In 2022, Pulitzer Center grantees reported from 89 countries on urgent deforestation of the world’s rainforests, extreme heat, the migration and refugee crises, racial justice, reproductive rights, mass incarceration, and global conflict. 

Our grantees used creative storytelling methods and formats—cinemagraphs, short documentaries, photo essays, illustrations. They continued shining a light on underreported stories, and stuck with those stories—some for multiple years, pointing to the interdependent nature of our challenges and exploring possible solutions. 

Of the over 250 projects and thousands of stories supported by the Pulitzer Center this year, this list represents just 36 of our staff’s 2022 favorites to highlight.

We heard from our readers this year that Pulitzer Center journalism is invaluable and essential—that it helps you be creative and positive thinkers, and widens your scope of understanding by making more of the world visible. In partnership with our grantees and education partners around the world, we intend to continue doing just that.

Click the link above and read on for our staff’s favorite stories of the year, and help us continue telling these stories in 2023 and beyond.




Calling environmental reporters! Would you like the funds and data support to spend a year uncovering the destructive forces behind rainforest deforestation in the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia? Apply to join our 2023 cohort of Rainforest Investigations Network Fellows.

When reflecting on RIN's impact, 2022 Cambodia-based Fellow Gerry Flynn said, "RIN fills a gap in reporting that otherwise wouldn't be filled—and that's without even touching on all the training, friendships and collaborations that come with the fellowship!" Learn more and apply today.

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