A Wound Unhealed by Time

By Nikita Bhardwaj
11th grade, Princeton Day School, NJ

With lines from "The Terrorist Who Got Away" by Yudhijit Bhattacharjee, a Pulitzer Center reporting project

land of emerald valleys
and snow-capped mountains,
a wound unhealed by time:
Kashmiri's are silenced until
their prayers draw blood,
dismembering nations
and cleaving trenches where
vessels used to be.

we call the blood drenching a woman's
wails vermillion, and leave the tears
winding down her face to
pool in the crook between
India and Pakistan,
between pride and peace.

don't be a fool,
this is not some petty squabble, some
childish dust-up on the playground—
no, this is a war: of identities,
of faith, of history.

we let water seep into ancient bones.
the blood of the covenant runs thin here,
so tread lightly; some say this kingdom
has been cursed from birth.

men browned by the sun
in fields of saffron rasp
jihad like a war cry,
like a cry for help, as they
don their fatigues and
clutch their rifles; this is
War till Victory.

Nikita Bhardwaj
Nikita Bhardwaj

Nikita Bhardwaj is a rising high school senior from Princeton, NJ. As co-editor-in-chief of  The Aurora Review and an editor for her school newspaper, she hopes to use poetry and creative writing as devices to speak out on social issues.

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