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Story Publication logo May 15, 2020

Video: Voices of the Forest | Toya Manchineri (Portuguese)


Image by Le Monde Diplomatique. Brazil, 2020.

Thirty years ago, leaders of rubbertappers and Indigenous peoples joined forces to demand the...

Toya Manchineri is interviewed in the series "Voices of the Forest: Forest Peoples Alliance." Image by Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil. Brazil, 2020.
Toya Manchineri is interviewed in the series 'Voices of the Forest: Forest Peoples Alliance.' Image by Le Monde Diplomatique Brasil. Brazil, 2020.

The interviewee in the fifth episode of the series, "Voices of the Forest: The Chico Mendes Forest Peoples Alliance Today," is Toya Manchineri. He lived through slavery in Brazil's rubber plantations, conflicts with the latifundium in the 70s and 80s, and finally the Alliance between Indigenous peoples and rubber-tappers. In this interview, he talks about contemporary challenges, about the society we live in and the world we want, and other issues for the future of the forest.

"In the non-Indigenous world, this social consciousness and communalism is almost nonexistent (...) If it takes 100 years before we start to share this consciousness, we will already have lost the essence of the Manchieneri people."

To see the interview in Portuguese, click here.

O entrevistado do quinto episódio da série Vozes da Floresta - A aliança dos Povos da Floresta de Chico Mendes a nossos dias é Toya Manchineri. Ele viveu a escravidão nos seringais, a disputa com o latifúndio nos anos 70 e 80 e a Aliança entre índios e seringueiros. Na entrevista ele fala sobre os desafios contemporâneos, sobre a sociedade que vivemos e o mundo que queremos e põe em questão o futuro da Floresta.

“No mundo não indígena essa consciência social e de partilhamento ela já quase não existe (…) Se nós fomos chegar daqui a 100 anos sem essa consciência nós não vamos mais ter a essência de povo Manchineri.”


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