Story Publication logo September 26, 2006

Nagorno Karabakh


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Pulitzer Center Director Jon Sawyer traveled to Russia and throughout the South Caucasus, reporting...


The 150,000 people of "Mountainous" Karabakh hold elections and field an army but their government is unrecognized by the world at large. These photographs show the landscape and life in one of the "frozen conflicts" left from the wars that broke out at the collapse of the former Soviet Union -- this one pitting Armenia against Azerbaijan. Ethnic Armenians prevailed and control the region -- witness the trampled tombstones in Muslim cemeteries and the careful reconstruction of spectacular Armenian churches. In the formerly Azeri town of Shusha (now Shushi) the burned-out shell of an apartment building recalls the war that was; the sparkling new Armenian church nearby testifies to the victors of today.

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