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Story Publication logo April 28, 2010

The Maternal Health Task Force's Kate Mitchell highlights two maternal health reporting projects


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In India the incidence of women dying while giving birth is among the highest in the world. How...


Kate Mitchell of the the Maternal Health task force mentions Hanna Ingber's "India Casts a Light on Mothers Long in the Dark" and Samuel Loewenberg's "The struggle for health in Chiapas" in her blog

Pulitzer Center Launches Two New Reporting Projects on Maternal Mortality, India and Mexico

The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting recently identified maternal mortality as a priority issue that demands more coverage–and has made a commitment to support reporting projects that draw attention to the under-reported issue of international maternal mortality. In January, I blogged about Marco Vernaschi's project in Guinea Bissau. The center is now supporting additional projects on maternal mortality–one in India and another in Mexico.



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Gender Equality
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Health Inequities

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