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Story Publication logo November 21, 2011

Iraq: Government Cuts Food Rations


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"Iraq: End of an Occupation" examines the prospects for Iraq following the end of the US combat...

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Nearly a decade after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, millions of Iraqis made refugees by the occupation and civil war have yet to return. Many indicators of the quality of daily life remain no better than they were before 2003, and it is only in comparison to the horrific sectarian warfare from 2005 to 2007 that Iraq now seems calm. David Enders travels across the country to interview Iraqis about their experiences before and since the US invasion.

In this video Enders speaks with one woman about her experience living in Iraq since the beginning of the war. She, like many other Iraqis, used to rely heavily on government food rations. But since 2003, items in the ration have been cut and corruption within the Ministry of Trade have made shortages even more severe.






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