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Story Publication logo May 29, 2015

Hungary: Inside Two Roma Settlements


Image by Jeneen Interlandi. Hungary, 2014.

A string of courtroom victories have promised to bring an end to school segregation for Roma...


These images depict life inside two Roma settlements—Bag, just 30 miles north of Budapest, and Gusev in the city of Nyiregyhaza. Residents live with what looks like deep rural poverty: no indoor plumbing, no reliable electricity, no reliable heat. Educational opportunities are limited, and children have no light to study by. However, efforts are underway to install solar panels in Bag—and help children succeed in school.


teal halftone illustration of a family carrying luggage and walking


Migration and Refugees

Migration and Refugees
Three women grouped together: an elderly woman smiling, a transwoman with her arms folded, and a woman holding her headscarf with a baby strapped to her back.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality

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