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Story Publication logo February 28, 2012

Equatorial Guinea: Rich Country, Poor Schools

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With access to Equatorial Guinea normally tightly controlled by the government, a showcase soccer...


For a country with a per capita GDP of $30,000, conditions in Equatorial Guinea's schools should be significantly better than they are. Out of the regime's national budget in 2009, only 1.97 percent was spent on education. As a result, many of the country's schools are overpopulated and understaffed; educational materials are in short supply; and many teachers complain of not being paid. It is estimated that less than 65 percent of enrolled primary school students actually attend classes, which often results in students being forced to repeat grades. This, coupled with the fact that many students enter the education system late, means that an estimated 83 percent of the students are overage for their given grade.

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