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Story Publication logo May 4, 2010

C-NES features India Casts a Light on Mothers Long in the Dark


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In India the incidence of women dying while giving birth is among the highest in the world. How...


The Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research is featuring Hanna Ingber Win's reporting on maternal mortality in India. Below is an excerpt from C-NES website:

Hanna Ingber Win, a New York based reporter, has been travelling on the islands of the Brahmaputra with C-NES' boat clinics over the past days and has produced some of the most sparkling and dramatic accounts of the work we do. In a series of blogs for the Pulitzer Centre, which is funding her travel and writing about family planning and maternal mortality issues in India, Hanna, a cheerful and thoughtful individual, writes with devastating insight and a brisk anecdotal narrative that makes her work truly luminous and throws clear light on the stupendous task that the boat clinic teams, often unsung and unseen, are doing.


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Gender Equality

Gender Equality
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Health Inequities

Health Inequities

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