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Story Publication logo October 22, 2014

Afghanistan: Bringing Down the House that Bush Built


Image by Meghan Dhaliwal. Afghanistan, 2014.

How do you turn the lights off on a war? Wars end when troops come home, but what happens to all the...

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In June 2011, there were more than 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan. By Jan. 1, 2015, fewer than 10,000 will remain.

As the United States' longest war winds down, military bases and installations across Afghanistan are rapidly shuttering. Buildings must be deconstructed, supplies must be donated or destroyed, and equipment must be packaged and shipped. Photojournalist Meghan Dhaliwal followed the men and women of three military installations as they carried out this massive and taxing logistical operation. "It took years to build the American presence in Afghanistan," Meg Jones writes in an Oct. 21 dispatch for Foreign Policy. "It will take months to break it down."



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