Miles O’Brien


Mark Roberts is British-Malaysian award-winning producer, sound recordist and audio engineer with more than 30 years experience. He has over 500 projects completed to date on award-winning science and natural history programs, live news, broadcast, sports, light entertainment, drama, corporate and commercial productions. He is an internationally recognized producer and fixer for China and Hong Kong-based projects. After his studies, he joined TV company Telegenic in 1988 before moving to Hong Kong in 1993, where he now lives with his wife Angela and son Jules.O'Brien is a writer and correspondent for the "Science Nation" series at the National Science Foundation, as well as for PBS Frontline and NewsHour.

O'Brien served as CNN's science, space, aviation technology, and environment correspondent as well as anchor for numerous CNN programs. He covered all aspects of the United States space program for CNN including reports the tragic loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and its crew, a story he told to the world in a 16-hour marathon of live coverage. After years of negotiations, NASA had signed an agreement with CNN that, if not for the disaster, would have made O'Brien the first journalist to fly on a space shuttle. O'Brien followed the investigation and successful return to flight.

In 2000, O'Brien produced, shot and wrote a one-hour documentary on the process of readying a space shuttle for flight: "Terminal Count: What it Takes to Make the Space Shuttle Fly," which aired in May 2001.

His coverage of non-aerospace topics included anchoring The Situation Room, covering the terrorist attack in Mumbai on the Oberoi Trident and Taj Mahal hotels, as well as several other locations. He also covered Hurricane Katrina for several weeks, anchoring CNN's Peabody and Dupont Award-winning coverage. He is the founder of Miles O'Brien Productions, LLC in Washington, DC.