Marcel Gerou


I have always been captivated by beautiful and unusual imagery; this has been the crux of my photographic journey. My odyssey into the world of photography began early. My father was an avid photographer, and the scent of photochemistry permeated my childhood home. As a family, we travelled a lot, allowing me to see and experience many new and different places. Unfortunately, I lost my father at an early age. Alas, I did not pursue photography until much later. I had become enthralled by the world of food and thus sought a career as a chef. However, food was not enough; its fleeting nature did not satisfy me, so I took off the apron and grabbed the camera.

I developed an appreciation for light, its behaviour, its qualities. I reacquainted myself with film photography delving deep into its techniques and its processes. Eventually, my passion for photography encouraged me to relocate back to Canada; I was living in Greece at the time. A year after returning, I was enrolled fulltime at OCADU and was ready to achieve my dreams. While there, I won a prize on behalf of Canada in a photo contest judged by art photographer Ralph Gibson. Things were going great until the recession struck, followed by the sudden passing of my uncle; my enthusiasm faded, and I eventually dropped out of University due to financial woes.

Two years later, I entered a new and exciting photography program at Sheridan College. After a successful and promising first-year tragedy struck again, this time in the form of debilitating depression and acute anxiety.
Fortunately, things are much better now. Since (2009) I became an editor and contributor at NVP Images, I've become passionate at helping others refine and spread their work. Moreover, my passion for photography has never been stronger.

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