Leandro Barbosa


Leandro Barbosa is a journalist, with publications in The Intercept Brasil, Ponte Jornalismo, Globoplay, El País Brasil, Agência Pública and the American magazine Atmos. He participated in the Globo Lab Profissão Repórter, Globo's ideas laboratory, where he produced with the team of the Profissão Repórter the program: "Rio Doce from the perspective of the Krenak Indians - an approach to the impacts of the disruption of the Fundão Dam on the daily life of the ethnic group". He has already served as a communicator at GLO.ACT, a UN project against human trafficking and smuggling of immigrants. At the time, he was the only journalist authorized to accompany the United Nations team in places of high migratory flow in Brazil. In addition, the journalist worked at the NGO Oficina de Imagens, which has been developing educommunication projects for more than 20 years. His career led him to the title of Journalist Amigo da Criança, idealized by the NGO ANDI Comunicação e Direitos e Unesco. He is currently a reporter at Projeto Solos, a documentary journalism initiative with approaches Human Rights and the Environment.