Kátia Brasil


Journalism Fund

Kátia Brasil is the cofounder and executive editor of Amazônia Real news agency headquartered in Manaus. She graduated with a degree in journalism in 1990 from the Communications and Tourism department at Hélio Alonso University in Rio de Janeiro. She started her career in 1986 working for the Tupi and Tropical radio stations in Rio, where she also contributed to Momentos magazine and was the founder of the Folha de Santa Teresa neighborhood newspaper.

In March 1990, Brasil moved to the Amazon and worked in the newsrooms of O Estado de Roraima (1990), A Gazeta de Roraima (1991-1992), TV Educativa (1992-1993), O Globo (1991-1994), Em Tempo (1993-1995), TV Cultura (1995-1996), O Estado de S. Paulo (1994-2000) and Folha de S. Paulo (2000-2013). In 1991 he won the North Regional Esso Journalism Award with her report titled "Brazilian Flag Raised at the Border," published by the A Gazeta de Roraima newspaper.

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