Enrique Huaiquil


Enrique Huaiquil is a Chilean-American Emmy Award-winning cinematographer and editor at AJ+, where he has covered a wide variety of issues, including the Central American caravans trying to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, the aftermath of the earthquake in Puerto Rico, white supremacy in America, COVID-19 intensive care units, and immigration detention centers.

Before joining AJ+ in 2018, he worked as the multimedia director at FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums). Starting his video journalism career editing live coverage of the 2008 presidential debates at Al Jazeera English, Huaiquil has worked with the health care community, government and educational institutions, and the criminal justice community.

Huaiquil is a descendant of the Mapuche Indigenous tribe in Chile and is also a photographer. He has a master’s degree in filmmaking from American University. In 2020, he won an Emmy for video editing for a short documentary produced by AJ+ video, He Survived Ebola, Now this Doctor Is Battling Coronavirus.

Enrique Huaiquil holds a camera that is set up on a tripod. He wears headphones and focuses on the camera.