Enadrienne Dubose


Enadrienne Dubose is currently a high school bilingual English as a New Language teacher for the Buffalo Public Schools in Buffalo, New York. She has been teaching ENL teacher for nine years. Previously, she was an Assistant Principal and a Speech Language Pathologist. She loves working and learning in the areas of Equity, Diversity and Social Justice. She has worked for the Buffalo Public Schools as a Coordinator for the African American Infusion Program, My Brother’s Keeper program as well as a curriculum writer for the Emancipation Project.  In addition, she was an action researcher for the Urban Teacher Consortium which uses current events and social injustices that occur within her city as a living curriculum to teach students to become researchers of their own social realities. Enadrienne is a mother of a 10-year-old girl; Kelana.  She loves to travel to Spanish speaking countries, read, play outdoor sports and meet new people.  She plans on continuing to pursue opportunities where she can learn more about Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Social Justice curriculum to teach to her students.

Image of Enadrienne Dubose, English as a New Language teacher, Buffalo Public Schools