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Natural Resources/Unnatural Results: Access, Exploitation and Accountability

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March 21, 2012 | 10:00 PM UTC
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For the “little peoples” - a reference to both physical stature and political clout - loss of the...

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<strong>Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting</strong> presents five short films examining the impact of natural resources extraction on the environment, indigenous populations, public health and corporate responsibility. Please join us for <strong><em>Natural Resources/Unnatural Results: Access, Exploitation and Accountability</em></strong> as part of the 2012 Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital. <br>
Filmmakers, journalists, policymakers and NGOs join together to explore these issues in a panel discussion in tandem with the film screenings.<br>
Carnegie Institution for Science
Elihu Root Auditorium
1530 P Street NW
Washington, DC (Metro: Dupont Circle)<br>
<strong>Free and open to the public but <a href="">RSVP</a&gt; to secure your seat today! Reception follows program.</strong><br>
<strong>FILMS AND TOPICS IN THE PROGRAM:</strong><br>
<a href="/projects/peru-gold-mining-deforestation-environment-health-risks-poverty">PERU'S GOLD RUSH: WEALTH AND WOES</a> (Peru, 2011, 9 min.) In the Madre de Dios region of Peru, a pristine virgin rainforest is losing ground to unrestricted wildcat gold mining. (Filmmaker Stephen Sapienza will also screen excerpts from his current Pulitzer Center project on water and sanitation in West Africa, focused on issues of accountability and sustainability.) Produced for PBS <em>NewsHour</em> by Emmy Award Winner Sapienza.<br>
<a href="/projects/south-america/gold-guns-and-garimpeiros">GUERRILLA MINING IN GUIANA'S MIDST</a> (French Guiana, 2011, 5 min.) Soaring gold prices have lured Brazilians to illegal gold mines in the deep jungle of French Guiana. French police have waged a sporadic, largely unsuccessful effort to shut them down. Produced for <em>Harper's</em> by Narayan Mahon.<br>
<a href="/projects/colombia-cauca-gold-mining-conflict-government-resistance">THE DARK SIDE OF COLOMBIA'S GOLD RUSH</a> (Colombia, 2011, 4 min.) Colombia's gold rush pits local subsistence miners against large corporate interests, criminal gangs and the police. Produced for <em>GlobalPost</em> by Nadja Drost.<br>
<a href="/projects/ghana-oil-city-hopes-challenges-takoradi">GHANA: OIL BOOM, FISHING FEARS</a> (Ghana, 2011, 4 min.) The traditional fishing village of Abuesi, in western Ghana, awaits with trepidation the possible repercussions for their community of oil discoveries just offshore. Produced for <em>iWatch</em> by Christiane Badgley.<br>
<a href="/projects/malaysia-palm-oil-bio-fuel-logging-rainforest-destruction-indigenous-people-batek">THE PENAN OF BORNEO</a> (Malaysia, 2011, 4 min.) The Penan people are one of the "Little People" of Malaysia--little in stature, little in number and little in the eyes of the government. Former nomads, they are now on the frontline of an uphill struggle to save the last unprotected rainforest of Sarawak from rapidly expanding palm oil plantations. Produced by James Whitlow Delano.<br>
Discussion follows screenings, with filmmakers Sapienza and Drost, Amol Mehra, Coordinator of the International Corporate Accountability Roundtable, and Daniel Baer, Deputy Assistant Secretary, US State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor. Moderated by Jon Sawyer, Executive Director, <a href="/">Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting</a>.<br>
To further explore the Pulitzer Center's reporting on extractive industries and commodities, please visit our <a href="/global-goods-local-costs">Global Goods, Local Costs Gateway</a> at: <strong></strong&gt;


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Environment and Climate Change

Environment and Climate Change