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Lumix Festival For Young Photojournalism Features Dominic Bracco's 'The Clarinetist'

Event Date:

June 13 - 17, 2012 | 12:00 PM EDT
Media file: mexico.ciudad.juarez.dominic.bracco.jpg
Image by Dominic Bracco. Mexico, 2011.

Dominic Bracco's multimedia piece "The Clarinetist" will be shown at the Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover, Germany in June. "The Clarinetist" follows Esteban, a 15 year-old-boy living in one of the most violent cities in the world: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The project highlights how his passion for music saves his life.

Bracco's work, along with 21 other multimedia pieces, will be featured at the festival. The final 22 multimedia reports and 60 photo essays were chosen from a candidate pool of about 1,300 students and professional photo editors from 77 different countries.

View "The Clarinetist" and the other multimedia projects to be shown at Lumix.

"The Clarinetist" and Bracco's photography project on youth in Ciudad Juarez were sponsored by the Pulitzer Center.

June 13 -17, 2012
Expo Plaza 2
30539 Hannover


Three women grouped together: an elderly woman smiling, a transwoman with her arms folded, and a woman holding her headscarf with a baby strapped to her back.


Gender Equality

Gender Equality